Balance Tip Tuesday

Balance Tip Tuesday!

Balance involves three sensory systems: the vestibular system (motion), vision (sight), and proprioception (touch). Proprioceptive training helps improve balance, allowing your body to stand upright and move while maintaining control in various movements and environments.

In this video we challenge all three systems by standing on one foot and shifting our gaze while we balance.

Practice at home 🏡

✅ Practice standing on one foot and then the other first for 30 seconds each.

✅ Then add on the head movement. Stand on right foot. Then shift gaze and move head side to side 8x.

✅ Repeat the same movement balancing on your left foot.

✅ Repeat both sides if you have time and aren’t feeling dizzy (stop if it make you dizzy or nauseous).

With practice our balance can improve. This is true at any age young or old and also true for improved sports performance too.