Balance Training at Home

September 6, 2022

Balance Tip Tuesday!

Balance is the ability to control your body’s position, whether at rest/stationary or while moving.

Balance is an important element of our fitness training – coupled with strength, endurance, agility, mobility, and flexibility.

Ankle mobility refers to the flexibility of the ankle joint and its surrounding muscles and tendons. When your ankle is flexible, you have a greater range of motion during your daily activities.
If your ankles feel weak, or you feel your balance is lacking, ankle exercises and stretching can improve your mobility and strength.
Including ankle stretching and strengthening in your daily routine will aid in fall prevention and better balance.

Strengthening your ankles will also help you walk properly and prevent your knee and hip muscles from weakening.

Toe Taps Daily
Seated or Standing

✅1. Tap The front of your foot up and down on RT foot 10-16 x

✅2. Tap The front of your foot up and down on LF foot 10-16 x

✅3. Repeat on RT and LF side

Let me know how it goes!

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