Balance Training at Home

Balance Tip Tuesday!

Balance is the ability to control your body’s position, whether at rest/stationary or while moving.

Balance is an important element of our fitness training – coupled with strength, endurance, agility, mobility, and flexibility.

As early as 40 years old, our ability to balance slowly starts to diminish. Incorporating balance training into your home exercise routine helps to maintain or improve your balance, which is needed to prevent falls and injuries.

Try this quick exercise at home:

✅Place 2-3 fingers on the counter or couch.

✅Try to stand on one foot balancing for 10-15 seconds. Letting go if you feel comfortable.

✅Try to touch as many toe pads to the floor (even in a shoe) as possible.

✅Switch to the other foot. Hold 10-15 sec

✅As your ankle becomes stronger consider holding on one leg longer 30 sec to 1 minute.

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Let me know how it goes!

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